Haarlem City Center shared collaboration office

Accelerate your business at Haarlem City Center Digital Economy Hub co-office.

We are looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs! At our location you work at a bustling workplace where the chance of collaborations with other companies in the office is very high.

Collaboration offices from 2016

Digital Economy Hub is the place for you! We are a young, dynamic and fun community of digital professionals from all over the world, with two loves: innovation, and the beautiful city of Haarlem. Why stay home or commute all the way to Amsterdam everyday when you can have your own fancy desk right here in the heart of the Haarlem and get to share knowledge and great times with other digital nomads…
Do you have your own startup or digital project with a promising future? Do you wish to take it to the next level, but lack resources? Are you looking for a comfortable workplace where you can concentrate in peace, away from noisy neighbours and your hyperactive cat? Do you like shared office and shared economy, collaboration and above all, coffee?

Get your workingplace right away 

Digital Economy Hub Haarlem City Center is not about the office space.

It’s about small businesses helping and supporting each other; it’s about growing together; it’s about using the power of numbers to start off cool projects that might change things for the better; it’s about fighting against the very real loneliness of digital workers; and, last but not least, it’s about eating cake, because what is life without a little sugar!