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Knowledge, creativity and development

Setting the scene for innovation

The Digital Economy Hub sets the scene for new ideas to grow in the Haarlem region. We do so by offering entrepreneurs shared office space with colleagues from various disciplines Haarlem Business Park Waarderpolder.

We facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. All ingredients necessary to make innovation work.

Innovation through collaboration

The process of innovation is never a straight line. By working locally with people from different disciplines, there’s instant access to knowledge to help navigate this innovation roadmap.

A variety of skills available in the Hub nurtures efficiency, sparks creativity and speeds up the innovation process.

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4BIS Telecom

Affordable VoIP telephony solutions, From a simple telephone connection to complex call centers.

  • VoIP telephony provider
  • Reseller of VoIP telephones
  • Offers cost-effective solutions
  • Telephony for all sizes
Studio Evers

Full service web design agency for graphic design, web design and SEO optimization.

  • Graphic design
  • Business design
  • Retail design
  • Functional design

Communication for impact makers in the field of sustainability, energy transition and social entrepreneurship.

  • Communication advice
  • Content development
  • Storytelling
  • Energy transition
4BIS Innovations

State of the art web development, premium cloud hosting, software development and technical support.

  • Web hosting and cloud solutions
  • Webdesign and development
  • Business software and applications
  • integrations with business systems

For creating an impactful and consistent brand that sticks in people's minds.

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing
  • Online visibility
  • Brand development


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With AccountGenie on- and offline cancellation is easily arranged
  1. Useful cancellation procedure
  2. Multiple cancellations possible at the same time
  3. Takes care safely and quickly
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VrachtDEAL.nl the shipping platform for digital economy entrepreneurs
  1. best deals for ecommerce
  2. the full cycle solution for your logistics
  3. fulfillment and procurement solution for web stores
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Foodie bag a sustainable packaging alternative
  1. a sustainable packaging alternative
  2. creating awareness about our consumption behaviour
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We can help you with:
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable development
  • Ready-to-market concepts


Creative co-working in the centre of Haarlem

The Digital Economy Hub wants to support digital entrepreneur and start-ups.

By offering you a shared office - in the heart of Haarlem Business Park Waarderpolder - with colleagues from various disciplines we facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. All ingredients necessary to make innovation work.

New opportunities may arise during the informal network lunches, Friday drinks or upcoming events. And if you are working on a luminous business idea, you are just one step away from our hands-on incubator program.

Come and join us in The Hub – the place where we inspire, support and grow together as digital entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Creative co-working in Haarlem Business Park
Everyone knows and helps each other
Your own workplace in a beautiful light space
Events and drinks with other entrepreneurs
From internet to coffee, everything is arranged
From € 275,- per month for a fixed workplace
Logo white
Tel. +31 20 244 4444